Moon Walkers



Q. Is our Guild recruiting?

A. We don't actively recruit (spaming the trade channel, etc.); However, anyone who is a member or higher rank in the guild may invite their friends to join. To be fair to everyone involved, we want people who are invited to know up front (before the /ginvite) what our expectations are. See Guild rules below.

Q. What are the guild rules?

A. The short answer is: Be nice. This means - Treat others the way you want to be treated. Keep chat clean and family friendly. This applies to Ventrilo as well. In movie terms this means a "G" rating. The following will not be tolerated:

  • Cursing (including commonly used acronyms and abbreviations, as well as using any name of God in a disrespectful manner),
  • Sexually explicit speech and/or unwanted verbal sexual advances toward another player.
  • Disrespectful behavior in guild chat, posts to this Web site, or Ventrilo.

Don't beg (for money, for items, for help, for a high-level character to run your low-level character through an instance/quest, for whatever).

When in party, obey the loot rules of that party (even non-guild partys).

No cheating, hacking, exploiting, buying an account from a third party (i.e. with existing characters), or using leveling services. If anyone is found to be doing any of these three you will be reported to Blizzard and removed from the Guild. Don't beg others in the guild (or anywhere else in-game) to level your character for you. Besides being against the TOS (Terms of Service you agreed to to play the game) it's just plain dumb to give your account information to someone you don't know.

Buying game gold off the internet is also discouraged. We want you to be independantly wealthy without begging, borrowing, or buying your gold. We offer articles on this website as well as in-game advice on how to do this. For more informaion on why buying gold is a really bad idea, see this article

Q. I need more money. How can I get it?

A. Qwicksilver has written an excellent article just for you entitled How to Earn Gold in WOW. You can get to it from this link or by visiting the "Show Me the Money" forum.

Q. Do we have a guild bank?

A. Yes. See Bank Rules

Q. What realm is your Guild and is it Alliance or Horde?

A. Our Guild is located on the Realm Bronzebeard, We have 2 Guilds, an Alliance Guild called Moon Walkers and a Horde Guild called Moon Stalkers. We also have a "low-level character" guild on Whisperwind. This guild was started specially for a "Level 1 raid on Hogger fun event." These characters are now around level 2-3 and are available for other similar fun events.


Ventrilo is a tool that will allow you to actually talk and/or listen to your guild mates over the Internet. Ventrilo is a requirement for all our high-level instance runs.  It may also be used for simply chatting with your guild mates or questing with them.
If you wish to use Ventrilo, you will need to download a Ventrilo Client available for free from You will also need speakers and a microphone of some kind to hear and speak. A headset with built-in mic is recommended. You can pick one up from Wal-mart for under $20.

Complete instructions for setting up Ventrilo for our guild can be found here.