Moon Walkers

Guild Bank

Feel free to take whatever you can use within your withdrawal privledges; but only take what you can actually use. The items are not there for people to take and sell. They are also not there to take and give to non-guild friends or alts. You can make withdrawals for alts as long as those alts are in either the Moon Walkers or Moon Stalkers guilds. If you have alts in another guild (or who are guildless), those alts do not have access to the items in the guild bank. If you make a withdrawal for an alt, let an Advisor or the Vault Master know who the alt is that you are making the withdrawal for. Abuse of the bank can result in demotion or removal from the guild. Abuse includes withdrawals of items you can not use and making significant withdrawals but never contributing anything. If you wish to remove an item to disenchant it, get the permission of the Vault Master or an Advisor first.

If you wish to make a deposit to the bank, make your deposits to tab 4. Please only put items there that are actually useful to another player. Please refrain from depositing "gray" vendor-trash items (i.e. items that have their descriptions written in gray writing instead of white, green, blue, or purple). The most useful (and in-demand) items to put in the bank are materials used in crafting (e.g. leather, cloth, herbs, metal (bars or ore), enchant mats, etc.)

Guild Ranks Below Novice - Characters with the ranks of Initiate, Inactive and "Quiet Room" have no bank privileges except for the ability to deposit money. As stated before - we have no control over this and anyone can deposit money to the guild bank. Only the Guild Leader has any authority to withdraw money donated to the bank at this time. This may change in the future.

The Vault Master, Advisors, and Guild Leader all have full access to the guild bank. If there is an item you need from a tab you can not withdraw from, contact the Vault Master or Advisor. If the Vault Master or an Advisor is not available, check with an officer.