Moon Walkers


Welcome to the home of Moon Walkers, an alliance guild on World of Warcraft realm Bronzebeard. Moonwalkers is a friendly guild with a family based atmosphere and new members are always welcome.

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Recommended Reading for Guild Runs

Many great tips on how to improve your success when running an instance. Follow the in-article links for the roles your character is suited for. The link to the crowd control article is recommended for everyone as well.

For a list of all the instances by level (and links for further information on each) check out:

For directions on setting up Ventrilo see:
Moon Walkers Vent Tutorial

Administrators and Officers
'Nony' (Anonymous)GMArmory
AspAssist GMArmory
BalmAssist GMArmory
KranmarHunter LeadArmory
SteelshanksWarrior LeadArmory
VivellaPriest LeaderArmory
ElderaryotPaladin LeaderArmory
FuriacelesteMage Leader/ Raid LeaderArmory
TaynarWarlock LeaderArmory
FoxfernRogue Leader / Vault MasterArmory
GlorimraelDruid LeaderArmory
SuirukDeath Knight LeaderArmory